5 Nickelodeon Shows That Deserve Boom Studios


This week Boom Studios! launched the first of their Nickelodeon line up with Rugrats and will be launching Rocko’s Modern Life in December. So what other Nickelodeon TV shows should Boom Studios! turn into comic books? These are my choices.

Hey Arnold
It’s the perfect time to release a Hey Arnold comic book with the upcoming Hey Arnold Jungle Movie premiering on Nick in November. In the movie Arnold and his classmates are now in sixth grade. So there are plenty of new stories to explore with the time jump that would be perfect for the comic book medium.

Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom – half ghost/half teenager. How hasn’t there been a comic book continuing this series? The comic book could focus on the group hunting ghosts as adults – following the recent character designs Butch Hartman, the creator, released on his YouTube channel. Could Danny and his friend balance a normal now that the world knows that he is a superhero ghost?

My Life as a Teenage Robot

My Life as a Teenage Robot was a very underrated Nickelodeon show that ran 40 episodes. The show centered around a robot girl who desperately wanted to live a normal life, but who of course had to find time to save the world. These story elements are perfect for a comic book!

Secret World of Alex Mack
This is the only live action series on the list, but a show I couldn’t exclude. Secret World of Alex Mack centered around a girl who gained powers after gallons of GC161 was spilled on her. This sounds like a superhero origin story if I ever head one, but the show went a really interesting/original route with Alex – the powers didn’t make her a superhero. She used her powers for fun and to protect her identity from the chemical plant.

The show ended on a cliffhanger where Alex had to decide if she wanted to take the antidote to cure herself from her powers. It would be interesting if the comic book series continues from this point or even does a time jump to see Alex as an adult or in college.

Rocket Power
A show that made playing sports make you feel like you were a rock star. This one has aged a bit from its premiere, but I would love to see a modernized version of these teens having fun just being kids.

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