Five Marvel Shows Who Should Join the Disney XD Lineup

With Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, and Spider-Man currently on Marvel’s animated slate on Disney XD, I discuss which characters should join them on their cartoon lineup.

Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers
The Captain Marvel movie will be opening in theaters in 2019 – why not introduce her character to the kid audience before the film is released. Carol is a great character, and has been proven to be a good animated character with her appearances in The Avengers: The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Disney XD need to expand their Marvel animated slate to a girl demographic – girls don’t have to solely watch Disney Channel. Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan Speaking of Captain Marvel, why not give Kamala her own spin off series after her appearances in the current season of Avengers. Kamala is the fellow geek that young girls and boys can fall in love with and relate to. Explore Kamala’s supporting cast, like what the current Spider-Man has been doing for Peter, and of course this includes her relationships with other superheroes like Captain Marvel and Iron Man.

Gwen is a current supporting character in the Marvel’s Spider-Man cartoon, and there have been hints in merchandising that Gwen will become the beloved superhero, Spider-Gwen. It would be a bit disappointing to have a spin-off series without rocker Spider-Gwen, but this could be an element added to her if they age her up for her own cartoon. Ant Man and The Wasp Disney XD has released a few Ant Man shorts that, who knows, could potentially become a full fledged television show. Marvel’s Spider-Man premiered shorts before releasing the official television show on Disney XD. Maybe these shorts were a test run to see if the Disney XD audience would be interested in an Ant Man show, and with the upcoming Ant Man and Wasp film why not make a fun comedy cartoon with them. It also brings in the girls and boys demographic with a female and male lead.

Miles Morales
Another supporting character from Marvel’s Spider-Man that is deserving of his own cartoon, especially with the upcoming Spider-Man animated film based on the character. It would be fun to see Miles as the lead after a few animated appearances over the last couple of years.

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