Five Thoughts on The Marvel Spider-Man

This weekend Disney XD premiered the first two episodes of the new Marvel Spider-Man cartoon. Here are my thoughts on the premiere.

Peter Parker and Spider-Man

I was pleasantly surprised by the nice balance of story between Peter Parker and Spider-Man. The show did a nice job at showcasing both stories, and intertwining his supporting cast into Spidey’s story. I hope to see this balance utilized even more in future episodes. This will be the key in making this different from the previous Spider-Man TV show, Ultimate Spider-Man.

Embrace the Past with the Present

The premiere episode has a lot of name drops and appearances ranging from old school Spider-Man to Dan Slott’s current The Amazing Spider-Man. Some of these name drops/appearances include MJ’s Aunt, the Spider Slayers, and Max Modell. The premiere gives a nice foundation to build an interesting world around Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Spider Cast

As stated in the previous section there were a ton of name drops and appearances from Spider-Man comic book supporting cast members. This also included characters that have the potential to become their own spider heroes: Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen), Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man), and Anya Corazon (Arana). I’m excited to see the possibilities these heroes can bring to the show, but I hope the series is able do this in a well paced way. The show has to give them the spotlight/time needed to become heroes. The characters should be heroes of their own, and not just pawns for Peter’s story.

Serialized Storytelling

The premiere gives potential to serialized styled story telling. The episode lays the pieces for a future Spider Slayer storyline, and builds up Harry Osborn as a potential villain for Peter. I hope the show uses every episode to create building blocks for the overall story of the series – this will make me want to return to the show every week.


Sadly the animation isn’t the strongest. The character designs and action sequences seem too simple. This was even a step down from Ultimate Spider-Man. Well lets hope the story will help keep my attention to continue the series.

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