Ten Most Anticipated Marvel Legacy Titles

Legacy is coming to Marvel! A few weeks ago before San Diego Comic Con Marvel released their full launch list for their Legacy endeavor. Most of the titles announced are the same Marvel has been releasing, but are now pushing the characters in a new direction. Here are the titles I’m most anticipating from the line up.

10. The Amazing Spider-Man
Spider-Man is my favorite comic book franchise, and one of my favorite comic book characters. I haven’t been enjoying the current direction of Peter Parker Industries. So I’m hoping the new direction of the company falling will get me excited for the title again.

9. All New Wolverine
I’ve been enjoying Tom Taylor’s voice for Laura in All-New Wolverine, and I’m glad that she isn’t going anywhere with Legacy. This new Legacy arc looks interesting with (technically) sister and brother going head-to-head.

8. She Hulk
I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve been enjoying the current Hulk series with Mariko Tamaki exploring Jen’s post traumatic stress.

I like that the series is about Jen having to accept herself as a human and Hulk. Where in previous iterations Jen was so confident as She Hulk she would just stay in that form and forget about her human side. I hope this new direction for She Hulk doesn’t forget the journey she is going through in Hulk, but instead allows her to be an even better She Hulk.

7. Hawkeye
I’ve been loving Kate Bishop’s voice in Kelly Thompson’s run of Hawkeye so far. It’s been nice to see Kate have her own title for awhile, but I am also interested in seeing Clint brought into the narrative again. How will Thompson balance both of their voices?

6. The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows
An older Annie! What’s that all about? I’m torn on this new direction as a Mayday Parker fan. What’s the difference between a teen Annie and a teen Mayday? Hopefully this is
something that will be explored.

5. Marvel Two-in-One: Human Torch and The Thing
It’s been too long since we’ve seen any sighting of the Fantastic Four in the Marvel universe. So I’m excited to see these two bros have their own title together. I’m ready for the fun antics and family bonding.

4. Spider-Gwen
Most of this volume has been building up to this point! GWENOM! It looks like Gwen will be taking a darker path in her life. How will this affect her relationships with her friends and family?

3. Death of Mighty Thor
I never liked Thor before Jane became The Mighty Thor, she brought a relatability to the character. Her arc has been leading up to this point. Does this really mean the end for Jane Foster?

2. Dazzler One Shot
Dazzler is a character that doesn’t get enough love, but I feel could make for a very interesting modern comic book. Bring music back to her character! Let her have stories separate from the X-Men, Allison was always interesting because she was a mutant who didn’t have to join the X-Men. She used her powers to follow her dream. If they do this one-shot correctly maybe it will spin-out into her own ongoing series.

1. Power Pack One Shot
Another superhero team that doesn’t get enough love. The youngest superhero team isn’t so young anymore. I want this issue to focus on the team’s growing pains. We haven’t seen these characters in a few years, and when we did they weren’t together. I want to see them as a team and most importantly a family with with one-shot, and just like Dazzler I hope this will bring an ongoing series in the future.

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