Four Things I Want to See From Marvel’s Spider-Man on DisneyXD

This summer Disney XD will be launching a new Spider-Man cartoon titled Marvel’s Spider-Man. There hasn’t been a lot of information released about the show, but here are a few things I would like to see from it.

All-Ages Cartoon

In recent years Marvel has geared its Disney XD shows for young boys, but hopefully this new Spider-Man cartoon will be targeted for families. It should be sophisticated enough for fellow comic fans to watch, but also have kid friendly elements for the Disney XD target audience.

Gwen and Miles

It’s been rumored through their appearances on merchandise that Gwen Stacy (Spider- Gwen) and Miles Morales (Spider-Man) will be co-starring with Peter Parker. Adding Gwen and Miles will be great for representation, and will bring more demographics to watch the show. Both Miles and Gwen appeared in the previous Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, but as main stars Marvel’s Spider-Man can really flesh out Gwen and Miles’ characters for the small screen.

Balance of A Secret Identity Life and Superhero Life

Spider-Man to this day is one of the most relatable superheroes, and that’s because of the comics’ balance between Peter Parker and Spider-Man’s life. This balance has been shown in previous Spider-Man cartoons like the 90’s cartoon and The Spectacular Spider-Man, but I feel this could have been an element they focused more on with Ultimate Spider-Man. Hopefully in Marvel’s Spider-Man we can see this balance for Gwen, Miles, and Peter – focusing on the balance for all three characters could be a fun new take for this cartoon.

Serialized Storytelling

The biggest positive from Ultimate Spider-Man was it’s serialized storytelling. Each episode built on the other making viewers more invested in the show. I hope Marvel’s Spider-Man will also use this style of storytelling instead of the villain of the week formula.

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