Five Reasons You Should See Wonder Woman

A Female-Led Superhero Film

Wonder Woman represents a true strong female superhero on the big screen. Over the past couple of decades there have been a few female superhero movie flops, so I’m glad to see this film find the success it deserves.

Wonder Woman is becoming a symbol again for the mainstream audience, and I’m so happy to see people embracing her.

Steve and Diana

In recent years I have seen the common trend of using a superhero’s love interest to ground films, and this character’s story is limited to only that role. I was extremely happy to see Steve and Diana become true partners in this movie. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine’s chemistry was electrifying, and by the end of the film you truly felt for Steve and Diana’s relationship.

Fleshed Out Supporting Characters

I was happy to see Diana’s band of brothers as fully fleshed out characters. It would have been easy to just use these characters as comedic relief, but instead the film gives Diana’s “army” good emotional beats. This is a nice change for supporting cast members of superhero films that I hope to see seep into future storylines. Etta Candy can also be included into this group as she played a strategic role for Diana’s team, instead of just a female character representing the times.

Positive Direction for the DCEU

After the deserving lackluster critical response to Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, I’m glad to see so many people praising Wonder Woman. I hope this means that DC will be taking a more positive shift with Wonder Woman helming the DCEU. The most important accept of this film’s success in that it stays true to the character, and if DC remembers this for their future films then I can see the DCEU succeeding from here.

A Hero’s Journey

Wonder Woman’s hero journey is what I enjoyed the most from the film. This movie wasn’t only about building a universe or trying to create a crazy twist, instead it focused on a true hero’s journey. Diana saw injustice in the world, and she did everything in her power to fight those injustices. Through this journey she learned more about herself and the people around her.

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