Five Thoughts on Riverdale Season 1

Now that Riverdale Season 1 has concluded here are my thoughts on the series’ freshman season. Warning SPOILERS ahead!

The Mystery

Riverdale Season 1 focused itself on a mystery – “Who killed Jason Blossom”. Betty and Jughead were the main detectives as they figured out suspects and motives to who would want to kill football star, Jason Blossom.

The mystery was a solid structure for the first season of Riverdale, but there wasn’t any moments I wanted to play detective along with Betty and Jughead. The show left all the big twists towards the end of the season, where it would have been more interesting to see these plot points better spread out. Sadly, the mystery seemed to take a back seat compared to the other drama the show was trying to form.

Betty and Veronica

The best thing that came out of Riverdale is Betty and Veronica’s friendship. Betty and Veronica in the Archie comics are frenemies, emphasis on the enemy part. Even in the Mark Waid comics there still hasn’t been a moment where I’ve felt Veronica and Betty’s true friendship because their mutual love for Archie keeps tearing them apart, but in Riverdale I truly feel Veronica and Betty are best friends.

They both care for Archie, but he never gets in the way of their friendship. I hope this can bleed into the comics, it’s a more modern and real take on their friendship.


So yeah Archie is not my favorite character in the show, which is weird. K.J. Apa does a great job with the material he has, but Archie still feels kind of “bland”. I think this is because Riverdale is about taking away the wholesomeness of the town, and who is Archie Andrews without wholesomeness – well obviously just a bland foil for the more interesting characters of Riverdale.


Jughead is a very different character in Riverdale compared to the comics, but I still like Cole Sprouse’s performance for the character. I liked that Jughead still sees the world from the outside looking in. Usually in the comics he does this in a more comedic way, but in Riverdale this personality quirk allows him to be the main detective of the story.

A Parody of the Noir Genre

This is the part that confuses me about Riverdale, I don’t know exactly what this show wants to be. I mean Riverdale is over the top, and I mean WAY over the top. I hope this is on purpose, and if it is I feel like it’s trying to poke fun at different tropes that come out of the noir/detective genre. Especially with Cheryl Blossom being this blown up version of a femme fatale. I mean she really likes her brother…a lot, which gets most of our main characters into trouble.

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