Four Reasons We Need To See More Solo X-Men Films

After the major successes of both Deadpool and Logan, is it time for Fox to start doing more solo films for their X-Men franchise? Here are four reasons why they should:

Character Development

The solo films give the opportunity for the needed character development for these well known X-Men characters on the big screen. It’s hard to have this type of character development in the regular X-Men films because there are too many mutants who have to share the screen while also fighting the main threat of the film.

Explore Different Genres and Tones

As seen with both Deadpool and Logan these solo films give the X-Men the opportunity to explore different genres and tones. Deadpool took a comedic route, and Logan felt like an old western film. These solo films can focus on the tone of a specific character instead of a whole team. This can diversify the films from the many X-Men movies we have seen in the past.

Regroup The X-Men Franchise

If you aren’t a hardcore superhero or comic book fan the X-Men movie franchise is kind of confusing/ a mess, and in recent years there seems to be a loss of direction for the franchise. These solo films can help Fox figure out what works for their franchise moving forward.

Mainstream Audiences Can Learn More About The X-Men

These solo films can help mainstream audiences learn more about the X-Men. For example, mainstream audiences now know more about Cable and are anticipating this well known comic book character because of the teasers from the first Deadpool film. These solo movies can give an opportunity to open up the world of the X-Men to mainstream audiences again.

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