Five Reasons Why You Should Watch The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie

Here are five reasons why you should watch The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie if you haven’t already.

The Characters

One of the most important reasons why you should watch the new Power Rangers movie is for the characters. The reason the movie succeeds is because it focuses on building the characters, and their friendship. It takes the length of the film for these unlikely characters to become friends. It made me feel more connected to them by the end of the film, allowing the final battle to have more stakes.

Serious But Not Dark

The film is more serious than its original counterpart, but the film doesn’t forget that the Power Rangers is allowed to revel in its campiness. The movie has a lot of comedy, but establishes its seriousness with the characters and their more “realistic” plots.

Rita is a Good Villain

“After ten thousand years I’m free, time to conquer earth.” Rita was always a fun villain in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show, but her motives were pretty bland. She came from a dumpster planet and wanted to destroy the Power Rangers to take over the world. In the film Rita receives a better motive on why she doesn’t like the Power Rangers, and wants to destroy them. Elizabeth Banks does a great job with the character. Rita is creepy, but Banks doesn’t forget to add a cheese factor to the character.


Another big reason to watch the film is because it’s setting up to be a movie franchise. There’s an ending credit scene that teases that there is much more to come from the franchise. Hopefully the movie does well enough in the box office to merit a sequel.

Stories Outside of the Movies

A week after the film was released Boom Studios released a graphic novel taking place after the events of the Power Rangers film called Power Rangers Aftershock, and I hope we continue to see the movie franchise stories continue in comics and other media. These characters have a lot of stories to tell that may not fit in a movie format. I can the stories benefiting the most in comic book format, especially with the success of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic books from Boom Studios.

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