Five Reasons You Should Be Watching The Loud House

The newest Nickelodeon television show The Loud House is a must watch cartoon, and here are the reasons why!

There’s 11 Main Characters, But The Show Doesn’t Feel Crowded

The show centers around Lincoln Loud as he deals with everyday life problems while living in a house filled with 10 sisters. I remember when watching The Loud House for the first time I was worried that the show would feel crowded because of how many siblings were in the cast, but the show does a great job at balancing the many cast members. There are some great episodes where the whole family interacts with each other, and these are some of my favorites; but the show also does a great job at giving centric episodes to 1 or two sisters at a time. This helps flesh out all 11 siblings very well.


Lincoln has 10 sisters, and none of them are the same. All 10 sister have their own hobbies and personalties, but in no way do the characters feel cliche for the things they like. It’s also very interesting to see how the sisters interact with each other. There is never a scene where one of the sisters is shaming the other because of the thing they like. For example the twins: Lana and Lola, these characters are complete opposites. Lana loves the dirt and playing with snakes while Lola is a young pageant queen. Even though these characters may not completely understand why the other likes their hobby they still support each other.

Good Relationship Between Siblings

It’s a nice change of pace to see siblings actually caring for each other on a TV show. I feel like, especially on kid shows, the siblings for some reason have a weird rivalry and episodes are surrounded by them always fighting (Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire come to mind). The Loud House is not unrealistic, the siblings fight, but you always feel that they love each other even while they’re fighting. A good example of this is in the episode “Space Invaders”. Lynn and Lucy share a room, and are also a set of siblings who are total opposites. Lynn is an upbeat/sporty girl while Lucy is the princess of grim who likes to talk to the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in her spare time. Of course these girls are going to get into some fights while sharing a room. In “Space Invaders” after a big fight Lynn moves into Lincoln’s room, but by the end of the episode Lynn and Lucy both realize that it’s hard to live without each others’ quirks. This type of conflict feels more real compared to a constant feud between siblings just for laughs.

Animation Style

I love the animation style for this show! It feels like a throwback to old cartoons we enjoyed as kids, but it’s also a throwback to Sunday newspaper comic strips. This makes the show feel timeless: allowing all generations to enjoy The Loud House, creating for the perfect family show.

Very Re-Watchable

I watch The Loud House almost everyday because it’s just such a fun show to sit back for 10 minutes and have a good laugh, but most importantly it never gets boring. I’ve watched every episode of the show multiple times, but with every viewing I find a new joke or character moment to admire. This is all because of the great voice acting, writing staff, and artists on this show.

So I hope this article has helped convince you to watch one of TV’s best animated television shows!

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