Five Thoughts on the Logan Movie

This weekend I had the chance to watch the newest X-Men movie Logan. Here are my thoughts on the film.


1. Best X-Men Movie?

Logan is the best Wolverine movie, which is easy for me to say because I didn’t like Wolverine Origins or The Wolverine. But is it the best X-Men movie? I think debatably it is, but I might have to go back to this question after seeing it again or waiting a few months to think about the movie after my initial excitement.

2. Some Pacing Issues

My only big problem with the movie was its pacing issues for about the first 1/2 hour of the film. They use this part of the movie to set tone, and to slowly reveal the problems that Professor X has been having with his powers. It’s not until Logan and Laura truly start teaming up where the film starts to pick up.

3. Meshing Old Man Logan and X-23’s Origins

It’s interesting that Logan isn’t a straight adaptation of either Old Man Logan or X-23’s origins. It meshes both stories to make something original. I liked that they changed the twist of the Old Man Logan story where Professor X was the person who killed the X-Men instead of Wolverine, they reveal this subtly.

As for changing X-23’s origins I think it made sense for the film. Instead of making Laura Logan’s clone they made her part of an experiment where other children were involved. But I do wish that the men involved in the experiment called her X-23 instead of Laura. In the comics when X-23 received the name Laura it really showed that she could be more than the scientists created her to be. It made for a powerful moment that I feel the movie missed an opportunity to create.

4. Well Developed Characters

The lack of character development was a struggle that the recent X-Men and Wolverine films have had. Either because there were too many characters in the movie or because the characters were used as plot devices instead of used to tell their own narrative. Logan is truly a story about characters! It’s more about Logan and Laura’s journey than the enemies their going up against.

The heart of the X-Men have always been their characters, and I’m glad that Logan presented this in their film.

5. Father/Daughter Relationship

This was one of my favorite aspects of the film! Logan learns he has a daughter, but of course Logan isn’t your average parent. He doesn’t know how to show love to his daughter, but by the end of the film you can see how much Logan grew to care for Laura. It was interesting that they went with the father/daughter relationship in the film because Laura’s origin story had to do with her relationship with her mother. She was the person who taught Laura how to be human. The ending fait of Logan in the film is actually the same fate that Laura’s mother receives in the comics.

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