5 Thoughts on The Lego Batman Movie

This week I had the chance to see The Lego Batman Movie, and I wanted to give my thoughts on the film.


You Don’t Need To Watch The Lego Movie to Enjoy this Film

The Lego Batman Movie is a spin-off to the critically acclaimed The Lego Movie from 2014, but you don’t have to see The Lego Movie to enjoy this film.

Now I do recommend you see The Lego Movie just because it’s a great film, but if you just want to see this movie as a Batman fan you can. This movie doesn’t make many references to the original film, and none of the other characters from the original film make an appearance in The Lego Batman Movie. The only reference to The Lego Movie I could find is that some of the Batman characters are “master builders”, meaning our lego characters can make things from other legos.

Celebrates all Iterations of Batman

If you are a Batman or comic book fan you are going to have a blast with this film! This movie celebrates all iterations of Batman, and is very self-aware of the legacy the character has built over the decades.

The movie especially has a blast at poking fun at the Batman live action television show, fans call Batman 66’.

The Bat Family is Important

I’m a huge Batman fan, but every single Batman film I see I always feel like there’s something missing – the Bat Family. This movie celebrates the Bat Family through their most popular members – Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. Of course, these are parodies of the comic book characters we know and love, but maybe The Lego Batman Movie is the right step at bringing the Bat Family to the live action films.

Could a Sequel Bring More Bat Family Members?

Speaking of the Bat Family! If this movie gets a sequel, could The Lego Batman world introduce other lesser known Bat Family members to mainstream audiences? Over the decades there has been some great characters introduced to the Bat Family that mainstream audiences have a right to know about, even if just parody forms of these characters’ comic book selves.

Did the Movie Need Characters Outside of the DC Universe?

The Lego Batman Movie uses a lot of great DC Comic elements outside of the Batman stories, including the Phantom Zone. By the end of the film it makes sense why they couldn’t use Batman villains to destroy Gotham, but why did the movie bring outside villains. Of course, it was fun to see Voldemort using magic to defeat Gotham City, but it could have been more interesting to showcase lesser known non Batman DC Comics villains to the mainstream audience.

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