Five Thoughts on Marvel’s Civil War 2

Marvel’s comic book summer event just recently ended, and I wanted to give my thoughts on the story arc as a whole.

Ethical Theme

The most interesting aspect of Civil War 2 was the moral and ethical themes embedded into the story. The main plot of the event is Carol finding out about an Inhuman who can predict the future. She uses this Inhuman’s gift to capture people before they commit crimes. This puts a really interesting ethical idea into perspective. Carol looks at the importance of the individual’s rights compared to the rights of society as a whole.

The ethical question of free will and destiny comes to a head when Hawkeye kills Hulk in Civil War 2 #3. Hawkeye uses his free will to kill Hulk because Ulysses’ vision showed Hulk killing people. Hawkeye thought Bruce was going to hulk out, but it comes into question whether another person would have perceived the same thing.

Another question is, does Ulysses’ visions always come true? Hawkeye killed a friend to save a group of people. What’s more important the individual or the potential safety of the masses?

Story Should Have Supported Carol’s Argument Better

Civil War 2 brought the ideologies of Carol Danvers and Tony Stark against each other. As stated before, Carol believes that the law must use Ulysses’ abilities to the fullest. Tony didn’t want to judge people on acts they didn’t commit. In the main Civil War 2 title it was hard to root for Captain Marvel. Brian Michael Bendis gave us more evidence to be on Tony’s side than Carol’s side. I wish the book was less bias towards Tony. Civil War 2 painted Carol more as a villain than a hero that has a difference in opinion. There was a lot of panel time seeing heroes agreeing with Tony. It felt like the other heroes were teaming up with Carol out of obligation or friendship, not because they actually agreed with her.

Delays Harmed the Book

Civil War 2 started as a summer event, but was delayed when several more issues were added to the story arc, leading the event to end in December 2016! The delay of the main book ruined the flow of the story, especially because Marvel Now was launched before Civil War 2 was over. This allowed for some titles to spoil the ending of Civil War 2, making me even less excited for the end of the arc.

Too Many Issues

As I stated in the last section, Civil War 2 wasn’t originally supposed to be as long as the event ended up becoming. I really enjoyed the first few issues of Civil War 2, but then started to feel fatigue with the delays and length of the series. This story could have been more condensed, and it would have been a cleaner and more enjoyable event.

Needed Fewer Tie-ins

Another fault I saw with Civil War 2, that’s true with a lot of Marvel events, is the event had TOO MANY TIE-IN BOOKS. There were some interesting tie-ins that were relevant to the event and the comic tied into it like A-Force and Ms. Marvel, but most of the tie-ins felt like cash grabs. They forced the idea of Civil War 2 into these comics while making the comic’s current story arc lose momentum. The biggest example of this was with Spider-Man. This title had way too many tie- ins to Civil War 2, and some issues were just repeating information that we had already read in the main title.


Civil War 2 had a strong concept, but faltered with delays and cash grabs.

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