Five Thoughts for the First Half of Arrow Season 5

The New Recruits

One of the biggest changes to Arrow in season 5 was adding four newrecruits to the cave (Wild Dog, Ragman, Mister Terrific, and Artemis) after Thea and Diggle left the team at the end of season 4. Adding these characters to the team has been my least favorite aspect of season 5.

Most of season 5A focuses on these character, without making me actually care for them. The reason I don’t feel anything for the new recruits is because they joined the team before knowing them as characters, with the exception of Curtis. Thea, Diggle, Felicity, and Laurel all took years of character development before partnering up with Oliver on team Arrow. These new recruits seemed forced into the story and their character background hasn’t made me feel connected to their stories.

Artemis had the worst character development out of all the new recruits. She doesn’t have much to do until it’s awkwardly revealed that she’s been a mole for Prometheus. It’s a shame that Arrow took the namesake of a great character from Young Justice and didn’t use any of her background from that show.

Focus on Established Supporting Characters

The show started to gain momentum again with its 100 th episode, one of the show’s best episodes to date. It focused not only the importance of Oliver Queen’s character, but also focused on the journeys his supporting characters have taken. The midseason finale then took a shift at focusing more on Oliver’s supporting characters, especially with the episode’s shocking ending. I hope this is a trend of seeing more stories from Ollie’s supporting characters in the next half of season 5.


Prometheus is very similar to the type of villains The Flash does on their TV show because Arrow is keeping Prometheus as a mystery character. Arrow hasn’t done this type of big bad since Malcolm Merlyn. I think this character could become very interesting once the mystery of his character is unraveled in the next half of the season. I really hope that Oliver’s new girlfriend is connected to Prometheus, it would make more sense why they’ve been focusing so much on her character.

The Return of Laurel Lance

At the end of the midseason finale Arrow shocked audiences with the return of Laurel Lance, who had died from the hands of Damian Darhk in season 4. Is Oliver having a hallucination? How has Laurel Lance returned? These are questions I hope that get answered when we return from the winter hiatus.

We Need More Episodes Like the 100 th Episode

As I stated before the 100 th episode was one of the best episodes the show has ever done, and that’s because it celebrated what has come before with an eye also looking towards the future. We need more episodes that symbolize this!

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