Five Reasons To Be Excited About Young Justice Season 3

This month many DC Comic fans rejoiced when it was announced that Young Justice would be returning to production with a third season.

You can learn more about the announcement here. Find out what I am most excited about in light of this news.

Wally West!

It’s been a few years since fans have been haunted by not knowing Wally West’s fate after the major cliffhanger in the second season’s finale. I am sure Greg Weisman and the rest of the team has a very interesting plan for Wally West’s character in the next season of Young Justice. I think the team can do a lot more with the speed force after mainstream audiences have been exposed to this concept in The CW’s The Flash.

Seeing Our Favorite Heroes Again

I’m excited to find out Wally West’s fate, but I’m also really excited to see the rest of our heroes’ stories continue. The first two seasons gave us layered characters with very interesting story arcs. I’m sure that a third season will continue to develop our favorite characters even more.

The character I’m most excited to see in the next season is Artemis. She has had some very interesting stories with her family drama, her relationship with Wally, and her journey of self-discovery. It should be interesting to see her journey continue as Tigress.

More DC Comic Book Characters in the Young Justice Universe

Young Justice Season 1 and 2 introduced a lot of our favorite DC Comics characters into their universe. It was interesting to see how they were different and similar to their comic book counter parts. I hope we get to see even more new characters in the third season of Young Justice. Especially characters that were teased like Stephanie Brown and Bette Kane.

A Superhero Animated Show Focusing on Story and Characters

I miss watching an animated show with this much depth! Young Justice always challenged its audience with great characters and stories. I still re-watch the show, and find new meaning with the series’ story arcs and characters.

Proves that Fandom is Important

I’m happy about this announcement because I can’t wait to see where the show takes this world, but I’m also excited to see the show return because of the statement it makes about fandom. Young Justice felt like the show that would never return, but because of the fans and of course the cast and the crew the show is finally returning. If the fans are there and they can band together as a community sometimes these fans will be rewarded. Young Justice can now be an example of how fandom won!

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