Five Reasons to Watch the Dr. Who Spin-Off Class

This October, BBC Three premiered the new Dr. Who Spin-off, Class. Find out why you should watch this new show before it airs on BBC America in 2017.

A British Buffy

The show’s main setting is Coal Hill Academy, a high school with a long history with the Class’ parent show Dr. Who. If you enjoyed the early seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Buffy, Xander, Willow, and even Cordelia ran around the school hunting demons and vampires then you’re going to enjoy Class.

Class takes the Buffy TV formula, most genre shows do, where our main characters have to defeat a big bad by the end of the season. Then in the rest of the episodes they defeat “villain of the week” type characters.

You Don’t Have to Be a Dr. Who Fan to Enjoy the Show

Ever since Class has been announced I’ve been really excited to watch the show, and it’s not because I’m a huge Dr. Who fan. I actually haven’t seen many episodes of Dr. Who. I just never could get into it. But I’m happy to say that Class is very new watcher friendly.

But if You ARE a Dr. Who Fan You Get Enough References

I only have a general knowledge of Dr. Who, but I even caught a few of the references dropped in the first two episodes of the show. To get Dr. Who fans excited, the current doctor even shows up in the premiere. So there’s a lot of Dr. Who related things to look forward to in the show.

A Short Season

One thing I really enjoy about British television is their shorter seasons. For plot purposes this helps their shows have a neater series (what British television calls seasons). This is especially true for genre shows that focus on villain of the week type storytelling. Villains of the week can be fun at first, but if not fully fleshed out this formula can get boring quickly. From the episodes I’ve seen of the show this doesn’t seem like it will be the case for Class.

The Characters

The most important reason you should watch Class is for its characters. I’ve seen three episodes of Class, and the show already has very developed character that I care about. They are all intertwined with the main villain in one way or another, and the show gives enough screen time to all of their characters. Making them feel like the perfect Scooby Gang.

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