Five Thoughts About The Walking Dead’s Season 7 Premiere (SPOILERS)

Yes, the time is here to finally talk about the aftermath of that controversial Negan cliffhanger. Here are my five thoughts about The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere. WARNING SPOILERS!

Gimmick Death Scene

First off, let’s talk about those deaths! The season 6 finale of The Walking Dead left fans on the edge of their seats when Negan lined up our favorite characters in a circle waiting for their deaths by Negan’s famous weapon Lucille. I personally hated that we had to wait a whole summer hiatus to find out who died. I felt it was used more as a gimmick than building tension in the story.

The gimmick continues into the season 7 premiere. The episode doesn’treveal the deaths right away, but instead waits until half way through the episode for the deaths to be revealed in flashbacks through Rick’s trauma. Waiting until the middle of the episode didn’t do much for me in the sense of tension, but instead just got me annoyed that they were waiting even longer to reveal the deaths.

Then when the deaths were revealed I was a bit disappointed with their choices. Abraham was one of the obvious picks because he wasn’t a fan favorite character, but a character people cared enough about if he died. And then The Walking Dead killed off…Glenn. If I didn’t watch last season I would’ve thought this was a really great gutsy move from The Walking Dead, but difference is I did watch the last season. This makes half of season 6 feel like a waste. Last year fans were happy to see their favorite character not dead, and other fans were upset that the writers brought Glenn back. Now only a few episodes later he dies for real just to obviously parallel his TV death to his comic book death. So yeah for me Glenn’s death this episode was a big gimmick, and makes me stand with my previous thoughts of The Walking Dead relying too much on their shocking death scenes instead of actual plot twists.

Family Theme

The death scene was a big negative for me in this episode, but there were some strong story elements in this premiere. One of my favorite aspects of The Walking Dead is their theme of family. This group of people might not be blood related, but they are family!

This is proven in the scene where Rick has to cut off Carl’s arm to save the rest of his group. If Rick didn’t feel 100% about these group of people being his family then he would’ve never been able to pick up that ax to cut off his own son’s arm. But gladly Negan stops Rick from cutting Carl’s arm. So now Carl only has a missing eye instead of a missing eye and arm.

Another great family moment is when Maggie is mourning Glenn and wants to lift the body on her own, but her family comes to support her when she needs them the most.

Breaking Rick

Rick has always been a confident character. He’s gone through a lot during these seven seasons of The Walking Dead, and has proven to be a strong leader to the group. But this episode of The Walking Dead shows even Rick can be broken by a character like Negan. Rick is not as invulnerable as we all thought.

Yes, Negan is a Great Villain

Leading me to one of the best aspects of this episode, Negan! So yes Negan lived up to all of his hype. He was able to break Rick and he had no sorrow for killing Abraham and Glenn. This will be a very interesting villain to follow for, I’m sure, season 7 and beyond.

Pacing Problems

In the end the “tension” building of this episode caused for some pacing problems. I was never bored with the episode, but at the same time I think this would have been a better premiere if the deaths were revealed earlier.

Final Thoughts

I think The Walking Dead fan base is going to be torned after this one. This premiere is either going to be debatably one of the best episodes or one filled with gimmicks. This is not my favorite episode of the show, but I can’t say it’s a bad episode either. For the future I’m hoping The Walking Dead will stay away from gimmicks, and get back to fleshing out their characters. These characters are very raw right now, and this could be used to make season 7 a very powerful one.

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