Five Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Power Rangers Movie

The new Power Rangers movie is hitting theaters March 24th 2017. The first teaser trailer was released during their panel at New York Comic Con. Ever since the announcement of this film and after watching the trailer I have been trying to stay optimistic about this movie, even as a huge fan of the Power Rangers television shows. So if you are worried about the upcoming film here are some reasons to stay optimistic about the movie.

More Character Development

I really enjoyed the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV shows, but the show tended to focus more on action and less on character growth. The potential for making these nostalgic heroes have more depth is there in the foundation of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show, and the original Power Rangers is quite possibly one of the more character-driven seasons in the series. We are seeing this potential of character growth with the Boom Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series, but I would also love to see this type of character development in live action. This is where the movie can really shine! The film should take its time developing these versions of the characters before putting them into action.

A Darker Universe

Just from the teaser trailer alone you can tell the movie version of Power Rangers is going to be a much darker universe than its parent series. One of the best aspects of the original Power Rangers was its cheese, but even though Power Ranger revels in its cheesiness that doesn’t mean the franchise can’t give us a darker world. The movie is an alternate universe, and that means the movie is allowed to be different from the original TV show.

Movie Quality Special Effects and Action

One of my favorite aspects of the Power Rangers franchise is their use of martial arts. In the Power Rangers TV show, most of the scenes where the Rangers were in their suits came from Japanese footage. Power Rangers became a show of copy and paste. Some Sentai footage here, some American footage there. The American Power Rangers movie will be all American footage, including the action scenes. I hope that the movie can give us some interesting martial art scenes, and good special effects. The Power Rangers TV show did the best they could with their special effects, but the movie can really bring the Zords and action scenes to life.

More Scenes in the High School

The Power Rangers movie has a chance to develop the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers not just as rangers but also as high school-ers. We saw the rangers a lot at Angel Grove doing their after school activities, but we rarely saw them in high school. This is something the movie has a chance to tackle.

Power Rangers Is Allowed to Have Alternate Universes

The most important thing Power Rangers fans have to remember if they want to stay optimistic about this film is that Power Rangers is allowed to have alternate universes. The franchise is built on telling new ranger stories every few years, that’s how the franchise has been able to survive this long. Just think of the movie as an alternate universe. Let the movie take chances to be different, but hopefully the film will not forget its Mighty Morphin Power Rangers roots.

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