5 Reasons for a Batgirl Movie

After the misrepresentation of Barbara Gordon in Batman: The Killing Joke I think DC animation is in need for Barbara Gordon to star in her own film. Here are five reasons Batgirl needs to get her own animated movie.

DC Animation Needs to Put a Spotlight on Their Female Heroes

I have been a long time viewer of DC’s animated movies, and after the many years DC has been making these animated films there has been limited screen time for their female heroes. The movies have been improving, but DC still hasn’t made a female led movie since Wonder Woman in 2009.

DC Animation Loves Batman Films, So Why Not Share the Love?

One of the major reasons we haven’t seen a female led movie since Wonder Woman is because Batman movies sell. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman didn’t sell as well as DC wanted them to. So every year they make films that sell, Batman movies. I love Batman so I don’t mind getting these films yearly, but why not share the love.

Bruce doesn’t always have to be lead of these movies. Batman has a great family of characters that can lead their own movie. Why not Barbara Gordon?

Batman: The Killing Joke Foreshadowed a Birds of Prey Movie

Even with Barbara Gordon’s horrible representation in this film there was one glimmer of hope at the end, the tease of a Birds of Prey movie.

After the original Batman: The Killing Joke, Barbara found new meaning by becoming Oracle. She teamed up with Huntress and Black Canary, and they became the ultimate team.

Batman: Bad Blood Foreshadowing Burnside Batgirl

In the end of Batman: Bad Blood they teased Burnside Batgirl. Burnside Batgirl reinvented Barbara Gordon in the comic books, it would be interested to see what they can do with her character in the DC animated universe.

Barbara Gordon has a lot of story to explore

Barbara Gordon is a character with decades of history. These stories deserve to be explored in other mediums. Barbara Gordon has been showcased in other animated TV shows, but never as the lead. Maybe the DC animated films can be the first place to show Barbara as a lead character.

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