Top DC Rebirth Titles (So Far)

Now that three months of DC Rebirth are in the can. I wanted to discuss my favorite titles from the re-launch.

5. Green Lanterns

After Vendetti’s lackluster run on the New 52’s Green Lantern, I am glad to be having fun with a Green Lantern title again. Jessica Cruz is the shining star of the series. I hope Baz will be able to step up his game.

4. Batgirl and Birds Of Prey

Birds of Prey was another lackluster series in the New 52 that I am glad improved with DC Rebirth. This version of Birds of Prey has a New 52 feel to it without forgetting what made the Pre-New 52 Birds of Prey so great.

3. Batgirl

The New 52 Burnside Batgirl run was polarizing. I wasn’t a fan of it when it first launched, but grew to somewhat like it as I read the title every month. This run of Batgirl highlights the new personality of Barbara with a more serious setting. I like the MMA aspect of the series, and I hope that this run will help New 52 Batgirl become a better fighter.

2. Batman

DC Rebirth’s Batman is a series I grew to love. The title really picked up when we learned the origins of the Gotham Girl and Gotham, and ever since then it’s been one of my favorite DC titles to read on my pull list.

1. Super Woman

When I read the first issue of Super Woman I was blown away! I was genuinely surprised by the risks the series took. I am looking forward to seeing how the series tackles these new developments.

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