5 things we need from the “Runaways” Hulu series

It was recently announced that The Runaways will be getting a television show on Hulu. This is one of my favorite Marvel franchises so I decided to make a list of what I want to see for the upcoming show.

1. “Who is the Mole?” Mystery

The mole mystery was a big storyline in the first volume of The Runaways. It added tension with every issue you read. This is a must-needed storyline for the TV show. Establish the story in the first or second episode, and I am sure it will have viewers on the edge of their seats. Take notes from how Young Justice did their mole storyline.

2. Same Characters as Runaways Volume 1

I want to see differences with the TV show, but I also want the show to stay true to the source material. The cast of characters introduced in issue 1 are the cast I want to see in the Runaways pilot because all of the characters have an important role to play.

3. Good Character Development

The characters are the reason the Runaways is such a popular comic book franchise. It’s important to care for them from the beginning of the series, especially if the show is going to do The Runaway’s mole plot. I remember reading the first issue of The Runaways and enjoying the characters from the beginning. Introduce these teens as separate characters, and then we can see how they interact with each other. But we have to see these characters as individuals first.

4. Utilize Its Teen Characters

It’s sad that TV audiences tend to stay away from television shows with teen leads, because they think it will be too much like a soap opera. Granted sometimes teen shows are like soap operas, but teens can also bring some awesome coming of age stories. The Runaways shouldn’t be judged because they are teen heroes they should be embraced for it.

5. Great Effects

I have no doubt that Marvel will bring us a good-looking Runaways show, which is important for this franchise. There are some interesting effects the show can bring to the table. Like Nico’s magic, Karolina glowing as she flies in the sky, and even Gert’s dinosaur. These are just to name a few interesting visuals that can look cool when brought to life with the TV show.

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