5 Things I want to see with Miss Martian on Supergirl

Miss Martian as a White Martian

In the comic books and Young Justice cartoon Miss Martian was a white martian. Supergirl made a point in season one to explore Martian Manhunter’s history with white martians.

Young Justice had an in depth story arc looking at Miss Martian’s white martian heritage, and I hope Supergirl can do the same. Make her pretend to be a green martian because of her fear of not being accepted by Martian Manhunter, but then later reveal that she is actually a white martian.

Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter’s Family Dynamic

Another interesting story that was highlighted in the first season of Supergirl was Martian Manhunter losing his family, paralleling how Supergirl lost her family when Krypton exploded. With the entrance of Miss Martian, Martian Manhunter will have a blood tie. I want to see the series play with this family dynamic. Allowing for the white martian story arc to be even more dramatic.

Relationship with Supergirl

Even though I want the show to focus on Miss Martian’s relationship with Martian Manhunter I also want to see her make a connection with Kara. As I stated Martian Manhunter and Kara have gone through similar tragedies. It will be interesting if Kara can also related to Miss Martian’s tragedies.


Just like we saw flashbacks for Martian Manhunter and Supergirl in season 1 I think it would be helpful to have flashbacks for Miss Martian. It would be interesting to learn more about her past.

Secret Identity

I want to see Miss Martian have a secret identity. This will help bring multiple layers to the character that aren’t connected to already existing characters on the show. It would be interesting if she starts working with Winn, Jimmy, and Kara or if they will make her a younger character and allow her to go to high school.

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