5 Reasons you need to see Suicide Squad

Last week I wrote an article talking about what I wanted to see in the Suicide Squad movie. Well I saw the movie this week, and I am going to tell you the reasons why you should see Suicide Squad, even if the Rotten Tomatoes score is telling you not to.

It’s A Character Driven Movie

As I stated in my last Suicide Squad article, one of the most important things this movie had to do for its audience was give us characters we cared about. I’m happy to say that Suicide Squad is a very character driven movie! By the end of the film I started caring about characters I was never interested in before, like Deadshot.

There are 3 Strong Female Characters

A lot of times after seeing a superhero film I become disappointed in the lack of female representation in superhero movies, but I am glad to say Suicide Squad is a step in the right direction for female representation in this genre. Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, and Enchantress are three strong female characters. They all bring multiple layers to their characters and to the movie. Harley Quinn, even though connected to her relationship with the Joker, has her own story to tell. She is very comedic, but also needs to battle her own demons. Amanda Waller is the hero of her own story. She breaks the rules to get what she wants, and Viola Davis plays this perfectly. Enchantress was a surprisingly interesting character in this movie, and that is mostly because of Cara Delevingne’s performance. I enjoyed the internal struggle between June and Enchantress.

It’s a B-Movie (That Knows It’s a B-Movie)

The most frequent complaint I’ve heard about this movie is that the editing and plot is sloppy, which I agree with, but in a way I think it works for a movie like Suicide Squad. It’s suppose to be campy, because that’s how the characters are in the comics.

Connections to the Future

This film does a lot of set up for Justice League and maybe for the future Batman movie. There are a few cameos that may catch your surprise. Making Suicide Squad more than a stand- alone film.

It’s a Movie You Don’t Have to Think Too Much About

The characters are great, even if the film has a lack of plot. If you can shut off your mind while watching this movie then you’ll be able to have a fun time with this popcorn flick.

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