5 things I want to see in the new Suicide Squad movie (Comic Uno)

This week the Suicide Squad will be releasing in theaters. So before we go see the movie I want to give my list of what I want to see with the film.

Characters We Care About

This movie is called the SUICIDE Squad. So we know that there are going to be a few characters that die in this film, but I hope the characters that are killed off won’t be two-dimensional. We need one or two characters that die after we followed their journey for a good part of the film. We need to care for these characters to make the death have a bigger impact. I don’t want the death to look cool. I want it to have meaning.

Amazing Music

I was on the fence for Suicide Squad until I saw the first trailer. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was playing in the background, and it just worked. I hope we can get these same musical moments in the movie.

Harley Quinn!

This is the first real live action appearance of Harley Quinn, a modern iconic character. (Arrow doesn’t count because it was just really a voice over) I want Suicide Squad to be Harley’s film! I think it’s great to see a team superhero/villain movie that is led by a female character.

Little Joker

It’s great that Jared Leto is playing the Joker for Harley’s origin story, but I don’t want the Joker to be the main focus of the film. We should get more Joker in a Batman film. Like I said before this should be Harley’s movie.

Rejuvenate the DC Cinematic Universe

After Batman V Superman and Man of Steel the film going audience has been pretty polarized. I hope Suicide Squad can be a mostly positive film for audiences. Let’s see the DC Cinematic universe grow from this film.

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