Five reasons Cassie Lang should get her own book

Kat Comic Uno gives us her five compelling reasons why Cassie Lang (aka Stature) should be folded into the new Marvel NOW with her own teen female-driven ongoing!

Cassie has a lot of story to tell!

I’ve been a fan of Cassie’s character ever since her major appearances in the original Young Avenges. She had a lot of great story in this series. I especially enjoyed the family dynamics shown. Sadly her story came to an end with her death in Avengers The Children’s Crusade. Cassie came back a few years later and became a supporting character in Scott’s Ant Man series. In Astonishing Ant Man had an issue in her own point of view showing that there is still a lot to flesh out with her character. She lost her powers and died. There are a bunch of emotions to explore there.

Cassie needs more page time

I thought it was great that Nick Spencer added Cassie as a supporting character in his Ant Man series. It made me enjoy the series even more because I love Scott and Cassie’s father/daughter relationship. It’s been great to see Cassie as a supporting character, but I think this series has also proven that Cassie can be a lead character for her own book. She needs more panel time to tell her full story.

Marvel has been doing great with their female led books, but it would be great to see more.

In the past few years Marvel has been publishing a lot more female led books. Some of their very popular books being titles with young female leads, like Spider-Gwen and Ms. Marvel. With the launch of the new Marvel Now it gives Marvel the chance to have titles with even more female characters. Why not Cassie!

Cassie can have a team book with her father

There has been no word of an Ant Man title being published with Marvel Now. I think it would be great to see the next Ant Man series have a shared starring role with Cassie and Scott, like what Clint and Kate had with Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run. This gives a chance for both Scott and Cassie to shine, and makes sense with the story going on in Astonishing Ant Man.

This would be the first time Scott and Cassie would be truly teaming up as heroes. When Cassie was Stature Scott was dead, and when Scott returned Cassie was dead. Then they had their drama in the current Ant Man series. These events make a team up Ant Man series even more powerful.

Cassie can have a team up book with Kate Bishop

If Cassie can’t get her own solo book, another great team up book would be with her best friend Kate Bishop. Cassie and Kate have a very fun dynamic, and it would be interesting to explore their friendship with their new age difference.

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