Five reasons the Amazing Spider-Man should retcon “One More Day”

If you have been reading the current The Amazing Spider-Man volume, you may have noticed a few teases to retconning One More Day. Just in the recent issues of The Amazing Spider-Man we see Aunt May coughing up blood and Mary Jane and Peter having small memories of their meeting with Regent during Secret Wars (a timeline where Mary Jane and Peter are still married). With these recent teases let’s jump into the five reasons why One More Day should be retconned.

We need more families in the Marvel Universe

Sadly for the past couple of years Marvel and DC Comics have been neglecting their characters with families. DC Comics is starting to bring back families with DC Rebirth, but Marvel is taking more families away. Most notably being the cancellation of the Fantastic Four. Even popular Marvel Cinematic Universe characters haven’t had as much spotlight because of their connection to their family, like Jessica Jones. The reasons for less family superhero stories is because writers have supposedly run out of interesting ideas for these characters, but I think there are better stories to tell with Peter and Mary Jane together than apart.

Spider-Man is at its best with his supporting cast

The current volume of The Amazing Spider-Man has been at its best when it’s able to feature Spider-Man’s familiar supporting cast, characters like Harry Osborn, Mary Jane Watson, and Liz Allen. Even from the very start of The Amazing Spider-Man Peter’s supporting cast had been important. Over the years they helped Peter develop as a character and became interesting characters themselves with their own stories. The newest volume of The Amazing Spider-Man suffers from not having his supporting cast every issue, even though the series has gotten better with utilizing its supporting cast since Mary Jane has entered the story. If Mary Jane and Peter were married it would give us these type of stories more often.

Marvel doesn’t use Aunt May

One of the main reasons Peter made the deal with Mephisto in One More Day was to save Aunt May’s life. Aunt May is undoubtly an important character in Spider-Man’s mythos, but Marvel hasn’t really utilized the character. She is married to J. Jonah’s father and worries about Peter, that’s the extent of her story arc from the past few years. If Aunt May passes away this would be a big event for Peter, and hopefully a meaningful event.

Peter and Mary Jane make for one amazing story

This may because of my personal preference, but some of my favorite Spider-Man stories are with Mary Jane and Peter together. They are a good support system for each other, which makes for interesting character moments.

It will show that Marvel is listening to their fans

With DC Rebirth launching this summer it showed that DC Comics were finally listening to their fans. Marvel has had a few things that fans have been begging for, but only tease that they are going to pursue these storylines. Of course, the recent One More Day teases come to mind. Even Renew Your Vows from Secret Wars was a tease. It showed fans what they could have, but then took it away with the next volume of The Amazing Spider-Man. Let’s hope these One More Day references aren’t just teases and become a reality.

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