5 Reasons we don’t need another Marvel: NOW!

1. We need to finish story-arcs we’re already reading!

It seems like Marvel is trying to re-launch their titles every year with events like Marvel Now, All New Marvel Now, All-New, All-Different Marvel, and now Marvel Now again. But since these re-launches have become a yearly event it’s hard to find complete stories for the titles that came from the previous re-launch. All these titles are re-launching at the same time, and that means writers have to wrap up their stories earlier than expected. Giving a rushed ending.

2. We don’t need more events!

Marvel has way too many events. Just in the recent months we had Secret Wars, the launch of All-New, All-Different, and Civil War 2. I don’t mind having one or 2 big events every year. But I don’t want events colliding into each other. I want to enjoy the event currently going on without having to think about the event coming up. For example there were still Secret Wars titles being released when All-New, All-Different started to launch. Spoiling some of the story from Secret Wars.

3. Let the All-New, All-Different titles breathe!

All-New, All-Different had just recently launched, and now we are already getting teasers for Marvel Now. Just like I stated in the first category I want to see story arcs finish. I want to feel totally invested in these titles, but that becomes hard when you know in the next year the title will be re-launched.

4. You’re gonna confuse everybody!

These re-launches become confusing to new readers. The re-numbering is suppose to make things easier for them, but many times the first issues to these new series aren’t new reader friendly. Then many years later when you visit your comic book store it gets even more confusing to find the story you want because of the many volumes related to that character.

5. You’re flooding the market!

The main reason for these re-launches are to bring all these titles back to number one. More people are willing to buy a first issue then they are a 14th issue. But these number ones flood the market with extremely high price tags and too many titles coming out every week. It makes it harder to buy your favorite title every month or even sometimes now twice a month with double shipping.

Bonus Point: Let’s focus on characters!

One thing I love to applaud is Marvel’s character focused stories, and without worrying about these re-launches every year we can get even more time to tell character driven stories. I know these events are suppose to get fans excited, but I think there are other ways in storytelling to get us excited instead of focusing on advertising event after event.

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