5 Thoughts on Superman Flying to Supergirl Season 2

1. Are we one step closer to Superboy being in the pod?
Season 1’s finale left us on a giant cliffhanger when a pod crashed landed in front of Supergirl in the last few minutes of the episode. Now fans have to wait until the end of the summer’s hiatus to find out who was in the pod. After watching the finale my first guess to who could be in the pod was Superboy, especially after all of the Cadmus name drops. Now that Superman is officially entering the show. This makes this theory even more possible. Since Superboy is the clone of Lex Luthor and Superman.

2. Will we see Lois Lane?
Just like Superman there were a few Lois Lane name drops in the first season, especially by Cat Grant. Lois’ sister was introduced as a recurring character in Season 1. It would be interesting to see Lois’ relationship with Lucy, Cat, and of course Kara. I also wonder what her status quo would be with Clark. Are they married? Does she know he’s Superman?

3. Supergirl’s First Encounter with Superman
Some of the best scenes in Supergirl season 1 were Kara’s encounters with Clark, and this was without even seeing his face. I really like Kara and Clark’s bond, and I hope Kara’s first real encounter with Clark will be as good as her iChat conversations with him. I just want her to run up to Clark and give him a big hug.

4. How much of Clark Kent will we see?
We know we will be getting Superman for the first two episodes of season 2, but how much of Clark will we see? I think it would be interesting to see Clark Kent walk the halls of Catco, especially if Kara is following her cousin’s journalistic footsteps.

5. Supporting Cast’s Reaction to the Man of Steel
I’ve talked a lot about Kara’ reaction to Superman, but I am also really interested to see how the supporting characters will react to the man of steel. Especially because we have two characters with their own past with Clark. (Cat and James)

Another interesting dynamic may be between Alex and Clark. They are both Kara’s family. It will be fun to see both of them being overprotective of Kara.

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