5 Reasons to see X-Men Apocalypse (before it’s gone)

X-Men Apocalypse came out a few weeks ago, and sadly the film didn’t get a lot of buzz. In this article I am going to tell you guys why you should watch X-Men Apocalypse if you haven’t already.


I am not a huge fan of Magneto in the comics, but I love Michael Fasbender’s portrayal of the character in the X-Men films. Apocalypse I think is Fasbender’s best performance yet for the franchise. Without spoiling there is one powerful scene that propels him for the rest of the film and makes him question is morality.

Visual Effects

Even if you don’t like the story I think people will have a fun time looking at the special effects. I was especially impressed with Psylocke’s power set. I also want to add choreography in this section. I am glad that this film refrained from shaky cam. It allowed us to enjoy the action scenes.

Teases for Future Films

Once again without spoiling the film, I liked that we received a good amount of teases during this film. There is a plot shown with Jean Grey, which I am sure the X-Men universe will be able to explore in a future film. Then the ending credit scene teased us for the upcoming Wolverine film.

More Character Development for Students

One complaint I tend to have with many of the X-Men films is the lack of character development for the X-Men students. Professor X, Wolverine, Mystique, and Magneto are fleshed out very well, but the franchise never gives enough time for other iconic X-Men characters until this film. I am not saying Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and Jean Grey were perfect in Apocalypse, but I thought this film was a step in the right direction. I saw their personalities shine on screen and I hope to see more of that in the future films.

It Just Feels More Like An X-Men Movie

Some of the X-Men films in the past focus more on the action than the comic lore of the X-Men, but I am glad that this film really fit the themes of the comics. It went into political and religious themes relating to a world where mutants exist.

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